So glad I’m not 10-16 years old anymore. I’m just glad that I’m not a different person every year anymore, I’m so glad that I’m not a scene kid or an emo or someone wanting to be a lot older than she is. Really though, for once in my life I’m sick of growing up and its sad that all kids ever do is want to be adults and try to look like adults and act like adults, when all they’re fooling is themselves.

I am so uncreative its freaking terrible, I can’t even explain my feelings that’s how uncreative I am. How do people sell their art? What do people do with photography? Its days like these I just ugh!

Iv’e been smiling ever since I left work. This lovely boy my age that comes in occasionally, always by himself, and had a cool costume on Halloween, came in again today and I remembered his name and he smiled and asked me my name and shook my hand and I just…ugh, hes great I really want to be friends and I feel like I’m going to be lucky this time and its going to happen. That would be so happy!